rhubarb schnapps

rhubarb is one of my favourite fruits and when it’s in season i stew a batch each week with orange juice, grated ginger and as little sugar as possible, to keep in the fridge for snacking on or adding to my morning smoothie.

and now i have a new source of rhubarb loveliness in my fridge – rhubarb schnapps. isn’t it pretty?

this was made using rhubarb gathered from a friend’s garden at the end of september (which means i am sharing this with ning from heart and hearth who is hosting grow your own). since then it (a mix of rhubarb, sugar and vodka) has been sitting in a large jar in my fridge, but finally the waiting is over!

so far we’ve restricted ourselves to using it to make rhubarbinis! or should i call them rhubarb royales? either way, rhubarb schnapps topped up with champagne is very delicious.

do you have any ideas about how i should use my rhubarb schnapps?

nigella lawson’s rhubarb schnapps

1kg rhubarb, to make 600g when trimmed

300g caster sugar

1 litre vodka

chop the rhubarb and divide into two jars. add the sugar and shake well. add the vodka. store in a cool and dark place (i put mine in the fridge) for at least 6 weeks and up to 6 months. for the first month try to remember to shake the jar every other day. strain into a jug then pour into a bottle.