it’s pfifferlinge season here in germany and i’ve been enjoying using these golden chanterelle mushrooms in a variety of dishes. they have quite a mild flavour but are robust in texture, which means that you can use them in lots of different ways – it also means they take a little longer to cook than you might expect, so test as you go.

you have to spend quite a lot of time cleaning chanterelles - their gills are often filled with bits of twigs and dirt so you need to be patient and work through them one by one. however, the good news is you can clean them in advance and they will last a few days in the fridge once clean.

so, what have i been cooking with my pfifferlinge? i started off sautéing them in butter with some garlic and fresh thyme and used this as a filling for omelette or stirred through scrambled eggs. a second batch started in the same way but was finished with some fresh cream and served on top of toasted ciabatta. a similar approach, but with the addition of chilli flakes and lemon zest, plus parsley in place of the thyme, was stirred through some tagliatelle. my next plan is plans for a pfifferlinge and pancetta risotto.

any more ideas for me?