pork n potato pizza

I don’t cook potatoes very often, which is quite unusual in the UK - a lot of people see them as a staple carb which will feature in their menu several times a week in various guises. Mash to go with sausages or to top a cottage or fish pie; roasted, boiled or sautéed potatoes to accompany your steak or roast dinner; dauphinoise, boulangere or chips as a treat; bubble n squeak or rosti topped with a poached egg, for breakfast.

I prefer to treat them like any other vegetable where they are just one part of the dish, which is why the idea of a white pizza, topped with thin slices of potato plus rosemary was an appealing idea.

I used kitchenist’s pizza base, which is based on a recipe from Mark Bittman from the New York Times, and then, having brushed the dough with olive oil and sprinkled chopped garlic over it, topped it with wafer thin slices of potato which i had blanched so they were just cooked through, nubs of leftover pork & pepper filling from one of the Nigel Slater recipes I tried (you could just use cooked crumbled sausage meat or something like nduja or salami), rosemary and smoked mozzarella. it was wonderful – the pork and cheese gave everything enough moistness while the rosemary and garlic packed a wonderful savoury punch.