Paddling in the Rio Tajo, Lisbon - summer 2016.

Paddling in the Rio Tajo, Lisbon - summer 2016.

Hi, I’m Abby from Eat the Right Stuff. I blog about the food I eat, both the stuff I make at home but also, sometimes, the things I enjoy when out and about. Whether I’m at home or not, I always want to eat delicious food.

Through my blog, I share the recipes that I want to make more than once - things I have enjoyed and don’t want to forget. Sometimes these are simple dishes; everyday favourites which are a surprise to no one, sometimes cooked in the traditional way but more often than not, with a modern twist or an unexpected flavour. I also cook things which are more unusual and often try recipes that are completely new to me. Sometimes this is because I’m focusing on a particular ingredient (either new that I want to try or maybe something that I have become obsessed with and want to try every-which-way). Sometimes I want to try a particular technique or a different type of cuisine.  

I blog these recipe so I don’t forget them but also because I want to share them, hopefully in a way that encourages people to think they sound delicious and that maybe they will try them too. 

A lot of people talk about wanting to eat a wider variety of (healthy) food and wish that cooking could be less of a chore. I try and show, through my blog, what options exist for an everyday cook who wants to eat delicious and mostly healthy food.

Enjoy exploring Eat the Right Stuff, check out some of my favourites and, if you try anything, leave a comment and let me know what you think.