three eggs, six yolks


yesterday, i was so excited when the three mabel pearman's burford browns that i cracked open for my cherry and almond cake each had a double yolk!

i love clarence court eggs - traditional breeds, kept in decent conditions result in fabulous tasting (and pretty) eggs. and they're stocked widely so you have no excuse for not trying them!

as they say: "(hens are) Free to range and forage on green pasture from dawn to dusk, they lead a natural and happy life. Our birds enjoy the finest cereal based diet with a generous helping of sun drenched maize, the privacy of warm secluded nest boxes, dust baths, trees and shrubs for cover - in fact everything that every healthy hen requires for its freedom of expression and fullness of life to lay a truly Free Range Farm Fresh Egg."

i have also discovered that clarence court has a hencam - although i've yet to see a hen...

updated to add: the hens are out (they seem to like the rain) and two of the remaining three eggs were also double-yolkers!