herby poached plums

i keep buying plums as i want to make roasted plum sorbet. however, i can’t do this until i create some empty space in the freezer which means i need alternative plum plans. nigel slater’s damp plum cake is my absolute favourite but is not really a good weekly choice -  i have December bikini plans which need to be taken into account.

so, the last batch were stewed. with a small amount of water (plums release a lot of liquid), a sprinkle of sugar, two bay leaves, a large sprig of rosemary and a star anise. the result is incredible and is my new obsession – the plums still retain the slight sharpness which i love but also have a sweetness which works fantastically well with the herbs and anise. i eat mine plain but ice cream, double cream or a damp almond cake would be good accompaniments too.

if you have spare plums you should try this. and if you don’t – go and buy some!