la poire sorbet

grey goose generously supplied me with a bottle of their la poire vodka so that i could put it to the taste test.

the aroma is pure fruit – a sweet and ripe autumnal scent. it has a smooth sipping texture and i’m looking forward to david getting creative on the cocktail front with it.

however, i wanted to use it in my cooking and decided that an autumn sorbet was the best way forward. i kept things simple so that the taste of the fruit and the vodka would shine through– ripe conference pears, peeled and cooked in a sugar syrup until they softened were blitzed to a smooth puree. i added some lemon juice and zest to brighten things up and then, of course, added a slug of grey goose la poire.

the addition of vodka means the sorbet has a great texture, slightly softer than it would otherwise be which means it only takes a minute or so to soften sufficiently when you take it out the freezer. the flavour was great, particularly when i poured extra vodka over the sorbet when it was served!