lemon and thyme

sorry the blog is quiet. it’s not that i’m not cooking (well, i haven’t been doing much over the past week as david and i have both been ill) but i’ve mostly been revisiting old favourites which, as the seasons have changed, are suddenly back on my menu.

sausage and cavolo nero tortiglioni, ribollita and farro with pumpkin and slow-cooked cavolo nero were three old favourites which i was so excited to make, once cavolo nero appeared in the shops. i’m also looking forward to doing more pumpkin dishes, now that crown prince pumpkins are reappearing.

i’ve also been working my way through several recipes from the fabulous jerusalem and have been enjoying some of the autumnal recipes from my lucques book (the ricotta gnocchi continue to be an obsession, i made a batch for the freezer this weekend).

lucques is where this approach to cooking fish come from. well, not the cooking so much as the use of a marinade of lemon zest and thyme, which gives a lovely fresh herbal flavour. it appears a number of times in the lucques book (usually with parsley too) and i really enjoyed it. we ate this marinated plaice with parsnip puree, spinach and roasted beetroot.