best coffee… kaffee

| Hanauer Landstraße 82 | Tues-Fri: 0730-1800; Sat/Sun: 1000-17300 | Ostend |
The coffee at Aniis is great but actually what I love most is their homemade chai, which is served in beautiful metal pots and, when you peek inside, is packed full of whole spices which add a wonderful depth of flavour to this spiced tea. If you’re planning a weekend brunch or lunch visit, to enjoy the north African-inspired food, book ahead as this little café gets busy. If Aniis is a bit far for you to visit regularly, they have bags of the coffee beans and chai blend for sale, so you can make your own at home.

| Braubachstraße 28 | Innenstadt |
It’s not an exaggeration to say that when this little coffee bar opened late in 2018, I was obsessed. It has a chic minimalist style and their coffee is absolutely fabulous. I always order a cappuccino here, usually with one of the little Italian chocolates that they also sell - individually and combined they are rich in flavour and utterly luxurious. In the summer they are open in the early evening for drinks, mostly wine and those cocktails based on Italian vermouths and aperitivos.

The Holy Cross Brewing Society
| Fahrgasse 7 | Innenstadt |
This was named one of the best new cafés in Germany by Crema Magazine in November 2016. Near the Dom (cathedral) and the river, with seating inside and out this is a great place to get good quality coffee as well as tea, soft drinks and snacks. I particularly like it in the summer.

Hoppenworth & Ploch
| Markt 22 | Innenstadt |
| Siolistraße 7 | Westend|
| Friedberger Landstraße 86 | Bornheim/Nordend |
This small chain of three coffee shops roasts their own beans and reliably provides delicious coffee to drink there and then, as well as a variety of beans for you to take home. Drinks such as iced matcha are also available along with a range of cakes; you can also buy the beautiful ceramics in which they serve their drinks.