five a day - fruit smoothies


i struggle to eat fresh fruit during the day.

give me a bag of nuts or some dried peaches and i’ll happily demolish the lot, however much there is. which isn’t always a good thing…

but, put a bowl of fruit in front of me, especially “boring” british fruit like apples and pears, and they’ll still be there a week later.

however, i have found a solution - homemade fruit smoothies when i get up each morning. some fruit juice, a banana (to make it creamy as i’m not a fan of adding yoghurt to smoothies) plus an apple, pear or handful of other fruit (fresh or frozen berries, mangoes, peaches and nectarines are all favourites) and I’ve got 3 portions of fruit to glug down.

add some yoghurt, honey or nuts for added interest and nutrients. and if you’re run down a smoothie will disguise the taste of echinacea, aloe vera or other herbal boosters.

the smoothie pictured contained a banana, an apple, a handful of strawberries and orange juice.