paul. a. young, london n1


so, you’re a foodie and someone presents you with a stilton and port chocolate truffle, what do you do? if it’s been made by paul. a. young you eat it* and hope there’s more where that came from!

I have finally paid a visit to yorkshire choclatier Paul. A. Young’s shop in Islington. it is a chocolate delight - a chic opulent interior with dashes of purple everywhere. incredibly helpful assistants. and best of all, superb and interesting chocolates.

i have to be honest, it wasn’t the port and stilton chocolate that drew me to the shop, it was another of paul’s specialities – his marmite and guinness truffle...

marmite is one of those things you love or hate, i’m a huge fan. guinness is, i imagine, the same but in this case i’m not a fan (of any ales, beers etc). however it wasn’t just curiosity at play, the combination was definitely appealing – a salty tang from the marmite (i’m a fan of salted caramel so i know that can work) and the rich depths of guinness sweetened up by the dark chocolate. definitely worth a try.

sadly, it wasn’t a combination that worked for me – as you start eating it the marmite creates a salty tang to the rich ganache but the aftertaste of marmite made me feel slightly queasy which is never a good thing where a single chocolate is involved!

however, the other chocolates were truly wonderful and i will definitely be heading back. high on my list will be the award-winning sea salted caramel, the kalamansi (with a refreshing lime zinginess) and the passion fruit and vanilla (my absolute favourite with an intense passion fruit flavour with all the “sourness” that the fresh fruit has). i also intend to try paul’s brownies.

if you’re a chocolate fan and haven’t yet indulged put a date in your diary to get acquainted with paul. a. young. you won’t regret it!

* in case you’re curious, it has a very slight blue cheese flavour which works well with the rich chocolatey truffle

paul. a. young

33 camden passage, islington, london n1 8ea

tel. 020 7424 5750