chorizo and watercress linguine

i do love a simple pasta recipe!

this watercress and chorizo dish is just the thing if you’re looking for something with a bit of a kick and as an anecdote for warming, but sometimes bland, soups, casseroles and stews which often turn into the good default choice in this chilly weather.

it’s also fantastically simple, only have 4 ingredients – chorizo, watercress, lemon and pasta! you do need parmesan for serving. and, because it's so delicious and so easy, i'm sending this dish over to ivy at kopiaste who is hosting presto pasta nights.

chorizo and watercress linguine (serves2)

linguine for 2

2 uncooked chorizo sausages (c100-150g)

juice of a lemon

100g watercress (or baby spinach)

parmesan, for serving

cook your pasta.

cut the chorizo into small chunks – i halve mine lengthways and then cut them into 1cm pieces. cook in anon-stick pan (you don’t need to add any oil, the chorizo will release it’s own oils as it cooks). when the chorizo is ready add the lemon juice (this will deglaze the pan), stir, add the watercress and cover so that the cress wilts. add the pasta, toss well and serve with plenty of parmesan and black pepper.