the magic of chorizo... and lemon...

i love cooking with chorizo and several years ago discovered the magic that occurs if you fry it (in a dry pan) and, when it is cooked through having released it’s wonderfully smokey paprika oils, add lemon juice.

this creates a fabulous base for lots of dishes as the lemon cuts through the oil and lightens things. i think it works particularly well if you add prawns or scallops to the equation and use this as the basis for a warm salad.

chorizo and prawn salad

picante cooking chorizo, diced

uncooked prawns or scallops

lemon juice

salad leaves

fry the chorizo in a dry pan (i tend to use a non-stick pan) over a low heat and when it starts to release its oils turn the heat up. when the chorizo is cooked and starts to become crispy and char on its edges. add the lemon juice and scrape the juices off the bottom of the pan. add the prawns/scallops and when cooked through place on top of your salad. the lemony chorizo juices will form your dressing.