homemade ricotta

as i mentioned in my post about ricotta gnocchi, i decided to make my own ricotta.

there are lots of different methods online and i chose the simplest version i could find. it’s also the healthiest as it only uses milk not cream. although having said that i did use full-fat (organic) milk as i wanted the ricotta to have as much flavour as possible and it’s the fat in milk which is the tasty stuff.

once the ricotta is made it’s very easy to add flavourings so this is definitely worth experimenting with, especially given no special equipment is needed, just a bit of time.

homemade ricotta (makes c200g ricotta)

1 litre full-fat organic milk

2 tablespoons lemon juice

boil the milk until it is foamy then remove from heat. add the lemon juice, stir and leave for 5 minutes.

line a sieve with a muslin cloth, strain the milk through and press for several hours to remove water (i put my sieve over a large bowl, wrapped the muslin over the top of the cheese and put a heavy jar on top. i then left this in the fridge overnight.