lavender gin

lavender is a flavour i enjoy experimenting with in food – i’ve liked it in sweet things, such as lemon and lavender madeleines and lavender and orange cantuccini; i’ve also liked it as a component of a savoury dish, such as this lavender-scented roast lamb. now it is the turn of my drinks.

this was inspired by a chat to one of the bartenders at roast, a restaurant and bar at borough market (i only ever call in for drinks, they have some great cocktails). i’d ordered an early grey martini and we got talking about how they made their earl grey gin which turned into a broader conversation about infusing drinks and having smelt the bottle of lavender gin on the counter i was smitten.

i didn’t have time for a second drink but following the advice i was given i have started to make a batch of lavender gin - c350ml of gin plus a couple of tablespoons of lavender flowers (i picked these last summer). this is put in a jar, sealed and stored in a dark place then shaken a couple of times a day; it should be ready in a week. i plan to do an earl grey batch as well, as soon as i can pick up some loose tea leaves.

i’ll let you know how i get on…