asparagus and chorizo popover

so, a popover, what’s that then? it’s nothing i’ve come across before in the uk but it seems to be the american version of the british yorkshire pudding. except they’re as likely to be eaten with jam, fruit and cream for breakfast rather as part of a savoury meal (usually a traditional roast dinner in the uk, especially if it is roast beef).

having said that, it was actually a large popover, with “fillings” that caught my eye – this double smoked bacon and asparagus popover to precise. again there is a similarity with a UK dish – this time toad in the hole. i have to confess that the asparagus filling is more my kind of thing, rather the traditional sausage that is use to make “toad” (although i remember making a sweet version with a pineapple ring in a school cookery class!).

i decided to use a mix of asparagus and chorizo and loved the result. it is quite a heavy and filling dish and i think it needs an accompaniment to counter any dryness – a spicy tomato salsa or chutney would have been ideal here, as would a dressed salad. i’m looking forward to experimenting with popovers!