radish tzatziki

There is one vegetable which is unlikely to ever grace this blog – cucumber. It is my one absolute, total and utter dislike and despite trying it over the years, usually exhorted by people telling me how bland and flavourless it is (they lie!), I now avoid it as much as possible.

Thankfully this doesn’t require too much effort and even a dish such as tzatziki, where some would say cucumber is essential, can be adapted. This radish version is a good alternative and a sharply flavoured grated apple can also used to good effect.

radish tzatziki (serves 4)

200g greek yoghurt*

8-10 large radishes, coarsely grated

1 large bulb of garlic, crushed to a smooth paste (i used smoked garlic)

1 teaspoon good olive oil

1 heaped tablespoon of chopped mint leaves (i also added some fresh oregano which worked well)

salt to taste

mix all the ingredients together except the salt. taste and see if you need to add anything extra – i like to be able to distinguish all the separate flavours. add salt if you think it is needed. chill until ready to serve. you could make this the day before eating but that’s about it.

* i used the low fat stuff and it was a bit watery so you might want to strain it through a muslin for an hour or so if you take this approach